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Form for an Advanced Individual, Pond Club, or Commercial Pond Web Site

Advanced pages are the highest plan. The advanced plans are just like you have your own web site except that I have to upload the files for you. They are the only plan that does not follow the Pond Showcase template (including ads). There are no ads in the advanced plan. You pay $40 initially and then do not pay again unless you make a change after the first year when you pay $40 again and so forth. There are no forms for advanced pages although we will have to set up an account name and password using the form below. Advanced pages are coded by you which means that you send me the HTML code and are free to post anything that is within the rules and regulations and stays under 10 MB total. If you would prefer to use some of my forms or have me code a simple page, we can discuss that. If you are interested in an advanced page, fill out the form below.

This first section is information that I need to set up your page. Except for the subdirectory name and category of your site, this information will NOT be seen by others or shared with others. You must fill in all portions of this section.

For advanced sites, you can cover as many or as few ponds, etc. as you would like. It is also fine to cover related topics such as animals, fish, gardening, etc.

There are no sample advanced pages as they can be whatever you want.

The account name is the subdirectory name and where your site (or multiple sites) will be found. For example, if you choose "Robyn," then your site appears at http://www.pondshowcase.com/Robyn/

Account Name:

Your Name:

This is a:

The password is for my use only so that when you want to make changes to your site, I know it is you. Write the password down now (you will not see it again). If you forget your password, send your account name and e-mail to me from my contact page, and I will e-mail your password.


This is for an advanced:

For individual pond sites only, place my pond web site in this category:

If I find spelling or grammar errors in your text, would you like me to correct them? Yes No

The content of the pages are to be determined by you, limited to a total of 10 MB.

This plan requires a payment of $40 before I will put up your site. To send payment, go to the payment page. You can do that now by clicking on this link to open in another window, or you can do that after finishing this form (that page will prompt you to go to the payment page, if appropriate).

I understand that my site will not go on-line until payment has been received (the exception being an update to this page within a year):
Yes No

I agree to the Rules and Conditions:
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