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Pond Showcase Rules and Conditions

I refers to me, Robyn Rhudy. You refers to the person who sends in a form to have a web site on Pond Showcase.

1. Any of the following content will not be accepted for a web site on Pond Showcase:
Vocabulary that more than 10% of the population would consider vulgar or inappropriate (profanity), defamation of any person or product, human sex (fish sex is okay!), drugs, commercial advertizing (except for the paid commercial web pages), illegal activity (that includes selling turtles under 4" in length), and anything I feel is not appropriate.

2. I alone will have access to upload files or delete files on Pond Showcase. This is because my host does not allow passwords to subdirectories.

3. If I am unable to sustain the costs to maintain this site and have to take it down, I have no obligation to provide refunds for paid sites or to notify members. I doubt that would happen but if it did, I would do my best to notify members. Pond Showcase is paid through May 2007 at this point. If it is up, your site is up.

4. After receiving a form for a new site or update on a site, I will do my best to put up the new information as soon as I can. I normally do uploads on Saturday nights. How fast I get to things depends on my work load. Expect changes to go up within two Saturdays of sending a form but it may take longer. Paid sites will be given priority. I am only one person! You will receive an e-mail when your site is up unless circumstances prevent it (poor internet connection, power outage, emergency, etc.). My aim is to have sites up within two weeks of receiving a form but if it gets busy, it may take a month.

5. You agree to not send any copyrighted text, photos, or other material to which you do not own the copyright.

6. I will alter (within the bounds of your plan) or delete your site at any time at your request if you know the account and password. Fill out the contact form with any messages to me. Passwords can be sent to the account's e-mail if forgotten.

7. All of your pages will be under one account (subdirectory) and linked conveniently and pleasantly to each other.

8. I do not own copyright on material sent to me, only on material that I created on my own. You retain all rights to photos and text posted on Pond Showcase.

9. You can only have one pond per free, simple, or complex page as far as the descriptions go (photos of other ponds are okay in the photo sections of simple or complex pages). Advanced pages can contain many ponds if desired. You can have no more than five free pages (five ponds linked from an index page) but are not limited on the number of paying sites (which can all be linked together).

Last Updated: 8/3/06.

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