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Robyn's 1800 Gallon Pond

My 1800 gallon pond on 5/27/01.

Web Site: http://www.fishpondinfo.com/myfish/bigpond.htm

Pond Volume: 1800 Gallons

Pond Dimensions: 10'1" x 5' at slope of 6-10" deep + 10'1" x 4' at slope of 15-20" deep + 10'1" x 1.5' at slope of 19- 26" deep + 10'1" x 4.75' at slope of 25-27" deep + exit basin of 32" x 3' x 4" deep + waterfall basin of 3.5' x 3' x 5" deep + small waterfall pond and volume totally maybe 10 gallons more. Thus, the main basin of the pond is about 10' x 15'.

Location of Pond: Maryland, USA

Date Pond Was Built: May 1997

EPDM Liner

This pond contains two koi, three orfe, about 30 large goldfish, a few fathead minnows, green frogs, a bullfrog, insect larvae, and many animals that visit.

The pond has a few dozen pots of probably two dozen species of pond plants.

An OASE Nautilus 60 (2600 gph) pumps through 15 feet of flexible PVC to a ~50 gallon biofilter (with ~20 gallons of lava rock on top of 3 cubic feet of bioballs all in nylon wash bags) over into a double waterfall with a total drop of ~5 feet. Half the water goes into a ~2 gallon pond and spills off of a huge rock. The other half goes down a stream and splashes out at various places. Over a third of the water runs behind the rocks, out of sight as the whole hill has collapsed over time (it was made from the dirt dug out for the depth). The pump is in a large plastic plant basket with holes and wrapped in an inch thick filter material. The floss holes must be large or it clogs in just one day. Floss must be squirted off with water every week during the summer by getting in the pond to take out the basket and floss (a real pain, I wish I had a "real" out-of-pond filter). This pump and system runs every day of the year unless the power is out. An additional Cyprio 1200 planter filter with Mag-Drive 700 gph pump runs in the shallow end which was setup and running by late 5/98 to replace the Pondmaster 1700 filter and mushroom fountain that I was using. This filter system provides extra filtration, aeration, and circulation in the warm months and requires cleaning every few weeks.

My favorite pond web site is http://www.fishpondinfo.com.

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