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Big N Small Pond

Mama's bigger pond for fish and small kid's pond on right for tadpoles.

Pond Volume: 50 to 60 gallons

Location of Pond: Eatonville, WA, USA

Date Pond Was Built: April 2007

Other kind of liner

This pond contains goldfish, koi, amphibians, snails, and plants.

Originally this was to be a frog pond, made out of 6mil builder's plastic layered 3 X(I refab the pond 3 X due to mistakes!). I chose this material because I wasn't sure if my 2 boys would keep their hands out of it! So that is also why I built them a miniature pond approx 2.5 gal for their tadpoles. My husband gave me the frog spitter for Mothers Day, our neighbors have given us goldfish and a fried gave us 2 Koi. Everyone is really enjoying the ponds and I can't wait to build more one day!

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