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Wilbur's Pond

On 12/1/07, my mother and I went to a local koi club's holiday party in Maryland. It was after dark but I still took some photos of the amazing pond. I forgot to ask how big it was but I am guessing 20,000+ gallons. The pond is 7 feet deep and contains at least 40 koi, many over two feet long. Here are some photos.

The waterfall is probably about five feet high.

My mother is standing on the bridge between the koi pond and a watergarden. The two ponds are not connected. The gazebo has a hot tub.

Some of the amazing koi. They look deceptively small but the big ones are two foot long koi.

I want that Showa! [That is the white koi with black and red on the bottom right.]

Look at that metallic koi! It is silver and orange. I do not know the Japanese name for that one (Gin Rin something?).

They have an indoor pond as well although there were no fish in at this year. In the upper left of the photo is a water wall.

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