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Steph's Watergarden

August 2006, about 2 months after it was built.

Pond Volume: 100 gallons

Location of Pond: Griffith, Indiana, USA

Date Pond Was Built/Setup: May 2006

Plastic Preform

This pond contains goldfish and plants.

I started with 5 comet goldfish, of which 2 died a week or two later. I'm not sure why they died. I still have the 3 and boy have they gotten big! They started out about 3'' long, very narrow and thin. Now they are at least 6'' long and very thick. I feed them twice a day, and they snack on the roots of the taro plant and water hyacinth. I think that's what it is. Both have really done great in the pond; they've had beautiful blooms.

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