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"My Outside Room"

The pond group includes two preformed ponds (2005),1 EPDM lined pond (2006), and a room still under construction including fine tuning.

Pond Volume: 600+ gallons

Pond Dimensions: 10 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet deep

Location of Pond: Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA

Date Pond Was Built/Setup: 2006 (still in progress)

EPDM Liner

This pond contains goldfish, snails, and plants.

The ponds are settled in but the outside landscaping isn't finished.

All three ponds are connected together. The lowest is the 600 gallon. The 50 gallon and the 8 gallon waterfall pond are closer to the park bench. The tree behind the bench is too close to get all three ponds together from the 'looking down at it' angle. The 'pond room' is cut out of the slope on my yard.

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