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Robyn's 16.5 Gallon Liner Pond

Here is the back pond on 7/25/06. I had just mulched the astilbe around it but the pond itself needed to be cleaned. All that is in there is a few wandering young green frogs.

Web Site: http://www.fishpondinfo.com

Pond Volume: 16.5 Gallons (measured by a bucket)

Pond Dimensions: About 34 inches by 22 inches by up to 6 inches deep with a slope down from ground level

Location of Pond: Maryland, USA

Date Pond Was Built: 9/6/97

EPDM Liner

This pond contains amphibians and sometimes drone fly larvae (rat-tailed maggots).

I made this pond from a scrap of liner from my 1800 gallon pond. It is far back on our property so it is a pain to bail water back there. I only fill it once a week most of the time. It is mostly a deer drinking hole but green frog babies often hop back there and stay for a while. I shop vacuum out this pond a few times a year.

Last Updated: 8/4/06.

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