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Robyn's 12 Gallon Tricker Tub Pond

The Tricker pond, taken on 7/13/06, is covered in a lot of salvinia.

Web Site: http://www.fishpondinfo.com

Pond Volume: 12 Gallons

Pond Dimensions: About 23 inches in diameter and 11 inches deep, bowl shaped

Location of Pond: Maryland, USA

Date Pond Was Built/Setup: 3/25/05

Plastic Preform Pond

This pond contains amphibians, fish fry, snails, and pond plants.

I bought this pond from Tricker. It is fine to grow a few small plants. The shelves are so small that the plants fall off daily. I put fry from my aquariums into this pond but do not know if any have made it since there is so much salvinia on the surface.

Last Updated: 8/3/06.

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