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Photos of Phyllis' Pond

Some of the photos are of the 1700 gallon pond, some of my small pond of about 250 gallons constructed in 2004, and the other is a small stream constructed in 2005. I did all the work on these 2 projects myself.

The stream is made with PVC liner. A pump in the base re-circulates the water up to the mini- waterfall . I've placed small rocks, about 400 lbs of them in the stream itself (many trips to pick up the 50 lb bags) and lots of seashells from different places we have visited. There are no fish in this basin, just an ornamental one or two. The other small pond that is in the front of my house has 6 or 7 goldfish that live there during the summer. When we close up for the winter, we transfer them to the big pond.

New photos sent September, 2007:

New photos sent 10/5/08:

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