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Backyard Pond

First fall, pond opened in March 2010, dug in Aug. 2009.

Pond Volume: 750 gallons

Pond Dimensions: 8 feet by 10 feet by 2 to 3 feet deep

Location of Pond: Chelan County, Washington, USA

Date Pond Was Built: August 2009

PVC Liner.

This pond contains goldfish, snails, and plants.

The pond was hand dug in very rocky soil after 20 years of procrastination. The pond is in full sun. Summers are hot (up to 100 degrees) so more shade producing plants will go in to the water in 2011. There were seven 2" to 5" goldfish in the new pond in April 2010. By early fall, there were DOZENS of 1"fry. I intend to keep the fish population to less than 10. I gravitate towards shubunkins. What an adventure this has been.

Last Updated: 12/11/10.

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