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John's Pond

Pond type: Liner (Aquascapes Bio-falls with skimmer)
Pond Size: Approx. 20' X 16' X 36" deep. 50'-60' of stream (shallow, fast moving, no fish.). Estimate total gallons pond/stream approx. 3,500.
Construction: EPDM liner, Waterfalls, skimmer, 100% rocked with 14 ton rainbow granite, all sizes from pebbles to boulders.
Pump size: 4,500 GPH
Plants: 6 huge lilies, 1 large lotus, horsetail, pinks, grasses, other plants I can't remember their names, enough oxygenators to cover the bottom, and (when they get going) enough water hyacinth and lettuce to cover the surface.
Pond Age: 4 years old.
Additional: Lava Rock, Barley bales/mats in skimmer and bio-falls, activated carbon, filter media in both skimmer and waterfall (bio-fall), and daily treatments of dry bacteria.

Last Updated: 6/9/07.

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